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Boston: Battles, Tea Parties & Massacres

  • May 23, 2017
  • By 50 Shades
Boston: Battles, Tea Parties & Massacres

Boston: Battles, Tea Parties & Massacres – It sounds like a dreadful place! One of the oldest cities in the United States, where key events took place during the American Revolution is a historically significant city in the north east state of Massachusetts. It was where we disembarked from our 19 day Caribbean Cruise and where we spent three days literally retracing the steps of the backbone of the American Revolutionary story.


Horse & Carriage in the streets of Boston

Boston History

Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England. It was the scene of several key events of the American Revolution, such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston. Who doesn’t remember the infamous midnight ride of Paul Revere in 1775 to Lexington, Massachusetts, to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock that British troops were marching to arrest them! There is even a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow about the events of this night.

Paul Revere Statue

Paul Revere Statue

History reveals that upon American independence from Great Britain, Boston city continued to be an important port and manufacturing hub, as well as a centre for education and culture. It is possibly best renowned for the many colleges and universities that makes Boston an international hub of higher education and medicine, and the city is considered to be a world leader in innovation. Universities such as Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, and Brandeis University are located in the Greater Boston area.

Harvard University, Cambridge

Harvard University, Cambridge

Upon our early morning arrival into the port of Boston we caught a cab through the city across the Charles River, that divides Boston and Cambridge, to our hotel in Cambridge. We immediately set off on foot, eager to dust off the cobwebs of being confined to the ship for the past three days. Our first impression of Boston was that it was clean and surrounded by large bodies of water with spectacular river and harbour views.

Boston Cruise Port

Cruise Port

After consulting with a tourist kiosk operator and finding out the top things to do in Boston, we decided that we would walk the Boston Freedom Trail, that is 4km of red-brick paths taking you to 16 historical sites that were part of the American Revolution story. We couldn’t wait to get started!

The Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail Map

Freedom Trail Map

1. USS Constitution

With such an incredible story to tell America’s Ship of State, the USS Constitution earned her nickname “Old Ironsides” during the War of 1812 when she fought the British frigate HMS Guerriere. After copping a barrage of cannonballs, she survived and 217 years later she is still startlingly a commissioned US Navy warship. You can see the USS Constitution at Charleston Navy Yard and visit the USS Constitution Museum nearby, that has interactive hands-on exhibits to bring the history to life of “Old Ironsides” sea battles.

USS Constitution Boston

USS Constitution

2.  Bunker Hill Monument

This monument marks where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place in 1775 between Colonists and the British Army.

Boston Sights

Bunker Hill Monument & Views

3.  Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

This old burying ground sits atop a hill with panoramic views of Boston Harbour and the faded stone headstones stand amongst beautiful green grass and yellow daffodils.


Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

4.  Old North Church

The oldest church building in the city of Boston and where the signal lanterns from Paul Revere ignited the American Revolution.

5.  Paul Revere House

Built around 1680, the Paul Revere House is the oldest remaining building in downtown Boston and is the former dwelling of Paul Revere.


Paul Revere House & Old North Church

6.  Faneuil Hall

One of America’s first public meeting places where the Sons of Liberty proclaimed their dissent against Royal oppression, Faneuil Hall is now a visitor’s centre and marketplace.


Faneuil Hall

7.  Boston Massacre Site

In 1770 a deadly skirmish erupted between nine British Redcoats and a large crowd of Boston residents, where five people were fatally wounded. There is a commemorative plaque placed at this site on the corner of State and Congress Streets.

8.  Old State House

Built in 1713 to house the colony’s government, the Old State House was where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the people of Boston and still stands as an emblem of liberty. You can visit Old State House’s America’s Revolutionary Museum with exhibits and special events.

Old State House, Boston

Old State House, Boston

9.  Old South Meeting House

Initially a Puritan house of worship, the Old South Meeting House built in 1729, was where 5,000 angry colonists gathered to protest the tax on tea. This started the infamous Boston Tea Party where 340 crates of tea where thrown into the Boston Harbour in protest.

10. King’s Chapel & Burying Ground

Founded in 1688, King’s Chapel was the first non-Puritan church in the colonies and houses the oldest American pulpit.


King’s Chapel

11. Granary Burying Ground

Revolutionary heroes such as Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, James Otis and all five of the Boston Massacre victims are buried in this cemetery.


Granary Burying Ground

12.  Park Street Church

The impressive 217 foot steeple of this church was once the first landmark travellers saw when approaching Boston. Park Street Church was founded in 1809.

13.  Massachusetts State House

With its impressive golden dome made from 23 karat gold leaf, State House is one of the oldest buildings on Beacon Hill.


Massachusetts State House

14.  Boston Common

America’s oldest public park was once a grazing ground for sheep and cattle. Today visitors to the Common can enjoy a concert, a Shakespeare performance, a ride on one of the swan boats or simply take a stroll or relax on the green lawns.

Boston Common

Boston Common

Stepping off The Trail

If you have had your fill of history that Boston is bursting with, then there are plenty of other sights to see in Boston. For starters you must take a stroll around the Little Italy area in Boston.

There are more than 80 restaurants and patisseries lining the narrow cobblestone streets of Boston’s Little Italy with their beautiful colourful flower boxes adorning the entrances. We dined here one evening and the Italian food was the best I have ever tasted, (but I haven’t been to Italy yet).

As Boston’s first neighbourhood, Little Italy in the North End evolved from an isolated village, from the home of American Revolutionists to Irish haven and finally to Little Italy.

Little Italy, Boston

Little Italy

A stroll around Boston Harbour is definitely a must do. Boston, being largely a harbour city, has some of the finest seafood. Indulge in a lobster roll or a winter warming bowl of clam chowder.

Boston Harbour

Sights around Boston Harbour

Boston Sightseeing

Located on the harbour is the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. You can catch a live show of the re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party uprising, tour the restored 18th century cargo ships or browse the floating museum and gift shop.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

There are many great hop-on, hop-off bus tours that cruise around the city and there is even an amphibious ‘Super Duck’ tour. This is a fantastic way to see the city and harbour sights.

Boston City Sights

Boston City Sights

A trip to Boston would not be complete without two other places of note:

1.  Fenway Park  The home of the Boston Red Sox is the oldest Baseball Stadium in the Major Baseball League in The States. You can do guided tours of the ball park, however on the day we visited there was a game underway between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees – a big grudge match apparently!

Fenway Park, Boston

Fenway Park, Boston

2.  Cheers Bar

And more importantly you must have a beer at Cheers! The infamous bar which was the set for the long running sitcom TV series ‘Cheers’, is located just near Boston Common with another bar located in Faneuil Hall downtown.


Boston was a vibrant, sophisticated and modern city with the most remarkable history. We found it extremely walking-friendly, easy to navigate your way around, had the most delicious cuisine and we felt very safe walking the streets. Three days was barely enough to take in all the marvellous sights of this magnificent old city.

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Boston look no further.

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By 50 Shades, May 23, 2017 Kathy was a 50 something year old when she started up this blog 6 years ago, but has since turned over another decade and is now in her early 60s. She is married with two adult children and lives on the Tweed Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Kathy enjoys living life to the fullest and loves to keep fit and active by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Some of her interests include reading, photography, travelling, cooking and blogging! Kathy works part-time as a freelance writer but her real passion is travelling and photographing brilliant destinations both within Australia and overseas and writing about it.
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50 Shades

Kathy was a 50 something year old when she started up this blog 6 years ago, but has since turned over another decade and is now in her early 60s. She is married with two adult children and lives on the Tweed Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Kathy enjoys living life to the fullest and loves to keep fit and active by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Some of her interests include reading, photography, travelling, cooking and blogging! Kathy works part-time as a freelance writer but her real passion is travelling and photographing brilliant destinations both within Australia and overseas and writing about it.

  • Rae Hilhorst
    August 21, 2015

    Kathy thank you so much for my walk around Boston, I loved it, the history, the photos, the legacy of Boston. Being on this side of the world you learn very little about other countries apart from your own x

    • Kathy
      August 21, 2015

      Rae, Boston was like an American History lesson, but a very interesting one at that! I loved the place and can highly recommend it. Boston is after all only a 4 hour train ride from New York so should be on everyone’s itinerary when travelling over there. :)

  • seizetheday20
    August 21, 2015

    Great post on Boston Kathy. You have some wonderful pics of the most interesting historical sights of the city. I have an Australian friend who married a guy from Boston and she now lives there. Perhaps I should pay her a visit? :-)

    • Kathy
      August 21, 2015

      Lyndall you should definitely pay your friend a visit in Boston. It was a marvellous city with such an interesting history. :)

  • Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)
    August 21, 2015

    I’ve always been interested in Boston since reading Johnny Tremain when I was a kid. I love the Boston accent too. There’s so much history there.

    • Kathy
      August 22, 2015

      I could see you in Boston Michelle. The history of the place is so fascinating and its over-abundance of some of the world’s leading educational facilities I found interesting. Also the river and harbours are very picturesque. Loved the Italian food in Little Italy too! :)

  • Pinay Flying High
    August 22, 2015

    Boston is in my bucket list. I like cultural and historical places, I think any place becomes more beautiful if there’s a great story behind it.

    • Kathy
      August 23, 2015

      Yes I totally agree. The history of a place is always what is most attractive. Boston was certainly that and a whole lot more!

  • Ruth
    August 23, 2015

    Hello, great tour of the city. Looks very interesting! I have always wanted to visit Boston. Hope I can go one day and include other interesting places in the area (visiting for a cruise sounds like a good idea too).

    • Kathy
      August 23, 2015

      Boston was very interesting! I am a history buff so I love learning the places in the world and how they evolved. I tend to also love places on the water. I think because I live on the coast I have an affinity with the water. It is very calming. :)

  • malaysianmeanders
    August 23, 2015

    I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Boston. It’s a good thing because we’ll be headed back up there in a year for my cousin’s wedding. The Freedom Trail is definitely a must-do, and your photos remind me of how much I learned while on the tour. You’ve also reawakened my craving for a lobster roll.

    • Kathy
      August 23, 2015

      Oh yes the sumptuous lobster roll! Isn’t Boston such a vibrant historically intriguing city? I absolutely adored my three days there! :)

  • Nancie
    August 26, 2015

    Hi Kathy. Thanks for the fantastic tour of Boston. I’ve only ever been on the outskirts when traveling down to Cape Cod. Actually, Halifax (my home) and Boston have quite a connection. Boston was instrumental in helping Haligonians after the Halifax Explosion devastated the city. We send them a huge Christmas tree every year, and the lighting ceremony is quite an event. Thanks for linking up to Travel Photo Thursday this week. #TPThursday

    • Kathy
      August 26, 2015

      That is very interesting Nancie. I think that is the most fascinating thing about travel – learning the history and all the interesting bits of trivia about the place you are visiting. Boston was a remarkable place and definitely worthy of spending a few days to take a look around. :)

  • jodie
    May 25, 2017

    I can’t believe you saw this all in only 3 days, Kathy!! You must be the energizer rabbit!!!
    I love seeing all the historic sites when we travel around!! You did a fabulous job of showing up everything!

    • Kathy
      May 26, 2017

      Yes I must admit that when we go to a place to sightsee we like to whizz around and see as much as possible in the time allotted. I remember we did a lot of walking and we were very tired afterwards! Boston was like an American History lesson, but it was ever so interesting. :)

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