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Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

  • March 30, 2017
  • By 50 Shades
Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

I’m not sure whether it was March madness or not, but this past month has been a free & easy March on the Gold Coast. There have been heaps of free events, (or close to free) from one end of the Coast to the other, from Sanctuary Cove in the north to Coolangatta in the south. These events have comprised of expos, shows, concerts, sporting events, markets and festivals.

Unless you look at community, local council or local event websites you possibly wouldn’t be aware of some of the great free events that are on offer in your town or city. I tend to stumble across events that are advertised on Facebook at times and sometimes also see a sign or notice during my walks around the Gold Coast.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

Expos & Shows

During March I attended three expos or shows on the Gold Coast that aligned with my interests.

Gold Coast Caravan & Camping Expo

Cost: $8 (for seniors) or $10 adult

Venue: Metricon Stadium, Carrara.

With over 30 different caravan manufacturers displaying their ranges, 9 motorhome displays and a variety of campers from rooftop tents to camper trailers to slide on campers, there was plenty to see at the Gold Coast Caravan & Camping Expo. But be warned it will give you a serious case of caravan envy!

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

Some of the Camper Trailers on show

As we are seasoned caravanners and campers we enjoyed browsing all the latest products available and comparing features. We noticed that the majority of new caravans are jam-packed with features with some boasting full size fridges, air conditioning, large screen TVs, washing machines, full ensuites, solar panels, queen size beds and leather upholstery. Some of the caravans are so large that they are like a small luxury unit on wheels! For the caravan or camping enthusiast it is definitely worthwhile checking out a caravan & camping expo that are normally held twice a year in most cities.

Gold Coast Travel Expo

Cost: Free

Venue: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Broadbeach

With stalls from all types of travel companies such as: Cruiselines, Travel Agents, Airlines, Tourism Authorities, Travel Tours and Self-Drive Holidays. There is sure to be a holiday that will suit everybody at a Travel Expo.

The idea of Travel Expos is to gather together all of these travel companies under the one roof where you can collate information on different types of holidays by gathering brochures, attending travel presentations or by speaking directly to travel companies and booking agents. If you’re pretty much decided on where you want to travel to next there are some great savings and bargain holidays on offer at the Travel Expo.

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Cost: $25 (or $20 pre-purchased)

Venue: The Marina Village, Sanctuary Cove

Although this event is a little more costly than the others, it is a must-see for boating enthusiasts. On display each year are thousands of boating brands, products and services – on the marina, in the pavilions and through The Marine Village, as well as a range of the latest in power, sail, multihulls, super yachts, trailerable boats for fishing and family fun, ski boats, tenders, jet skies and inflatables. There is also a myriad of lifestyle products that complement the boating way of life.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

An aerial view of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

Another great event for family and friends of the furry variety was the Paws & Pizzazz Pet Expo that was also held at Sanctuary Cove on the last Sunday in March.


Seaside Sounds @ Kirra & Coolangatta

Cost: Free

Venues: Kirra & Coolangatta Parklands

These series of sunset concerts were conducted by the Gold Coast City Council during the months of February and March in the parklands along the beachfront in Kirra and Coolangatta.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

One of the acts at Seaside Sounds at Kirra

This family friendly event were the perfect opportunity for everyone to come along with family and friends, eat delicious cuisine from gourmet food vendors, enjoy the free face painting and jumping castle for the kids and dance along to a wide array of live musical entertainment.


The Village Markets @ Burleigh

Cost: Free

Venue: Burleigh Heads State School

These funky and trendy markets are on every alternate Sunday morning on the oval at Burleigh Heads State School. What I love about these markets are that they feature young trendy designers who hand make fashionable clothing, jewellery, leather bags and house wares. The eclectic mix of fashion, tasty food trucks and live music entertainment makes it an enjoyable Sunday morning out.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

Burleigh Village Markets

Burleigh Heads Beachfront Markets

Cost: Free

Venue: Burleigh Heads Parklands on the beachfront

The beachfront markets have been here for years and take place the last Sunday of the month. I love these markets for their variety. You can buy almost anything from fresh fruits and veggies, honey, baked goods, natural skin products, clothing, accessories, plants, gifts and there are even a couple of food vans. It is definitely worth a Sunday stroll, if not for the markets, but for the location along Burleigh Heads beachfront.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads Beachfront Market

Sporting Events

Quiksilver & Roxy Pro @Coolangatta

Cost: Free

Venue: Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta

We got our surfing fix at the recent Quiksilver & Roxy Pro at Snapper Rocks in Coolangatta, where we watched the top 36 men and top 18 women in the world take on the towering waves at this top-notch surfing spot. This annual event is always a heart-stopping spectacle and is easily viewed from the beach or from one of the grandstand seats in the event arena. It usually takes place in March every year and has many other corresponding events happening in the area so that it takes on a festival-type atmosphere.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

The event site for the Quicksilver & Roxy Pro at Coolangatta

The Aussies Surf Lifesaving Titles @ North Kirra

Being avid “Surf Clubbies” we love to watch the best men and women lifesaver competitors in each state, do battle in the surf and compete in all types of surf events at “The Aussies”or Australian Surf Lifesaving Titles. This week long event of “man against surf” was held in late March at North Kirra beach. Events included: surf ski, paddle board, swim, ironman & women, surf boats, beach sprints and surf rescue.

Free & Easy March on the Gold Coast

Surf Lifesaving Titles at North Burleigh in 2016

Keeping yourself and your family entertained can be as free and easy as this past month of March on the Gold Coast! It’s just a matter of taking a closer look at what there is to see and do in your locality. There is normally plenty happening around my part of the world.

This post is part of the Lovin’ Life Linky with a Lovin’ Life Team of the “ageing positively” kind who are as keen as I am to promote the Lovin’ Life mindset. The Lovin’ Life Team includes:

Johanna from Lifestyle Fifty
Min from Write of the Middle.
Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit
Jo from And Anyways
and of course me, Kathy from 50 Shades of Age

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By 50 Shades, March 30, 2017 Kathy was a 50 something year old when she started up this blog 6 years ago, but has since turned over another decade and is now in her early 60s. She is married with two adult children and lives on the Tweed Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Kathy enjoys living life to the fullest and loves to keep fit and active by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Some of her interests include reading, photography, travelling, cooking and blogging! Kathy works part-time as a freelance writer but her real passion is travelling and photographing brilliant destinations both within Australia and overseas and writing about it.
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50 Shades

Kathy was a 50 something year old when she started up this blog 6 years ago, but has since turned over another decade and is now in her early 60s. She is married with two adult children and lives on the Tweed Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Kathy enjoys living life to the fullest and loves to keep fit and active by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Some of her interests include reading, photography, travelling, cooking and blogging! Kathy works part-time as a freelance writer but her real passion is travelling and photographing brilliant destinations both within Australia and overseas and writing about it.

  • Deborah
    March 30, 2017

    So much on! My niece is actually there this weekend as she’s a Qld finalist in the Miss Galaxy Pageant. I’m not sure where she’s staying but they’re all staying there together.

    My last trip to the Gold Coast was for ProBlogger last year (and then probably the one 2-3yrs before that!).

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      There has been heaps happening around the Gold Coast in the past month. Fortunately we had great weather (apart from heat and humidity) to get outdoors and enjoy all of these events. I enjoyed the challenge of attending as many free events as I could find throughout March. :) #TeamLovinLife

  • Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond
    March 30, 2017

    There is always something to do on the Gold Coast Kathy and I enjoyed seeing what happened in March. Of course the beaches and restaurants are always there but it adds to the atmosphere when lots are happening especially as they are free. I loved the Sand Sculptures at Surfers in February they were amazing!

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      I never saw the sand sculptures. I love seeing the sculptures during the Swell Festival on Currumbin Beach. We also like to attend the Broadbeach Blues Festival each year. It’s such a great free event! :) #TeamLovinLife

  • Jo
    March 30, 2017

    Every time I read one of your Gold Coast posts I want to move there. I think really the tourism board should be feting you like a celebrity! Wow, so much going on and in a relatively small area. Although we have a lot going on in WA, mostly it’s spread out quite a lot – well a whole heap of a lot really! We’ve just had the camping and caravan show in Perth too – I agree with you, what a great place to go and be inspired and long for a little house on wheels (which is what caravans seem to be these days with all the gadgets and improvements – seriously, with all the contemporary modifications, I think they can be lived in for years and years!)#teamlovinlife

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      It is a great place to live Jo so I’m truly blessed. My main aim in writing this post was to highlight all the great free or low cost things that can be attended in most cities throughout Australia. People don’t really need to spend oodles of money to entertain themselves when there’s all this going on. I came away with such a serious case of “caravan envy” from the expo, I could have easily sold up my home to buy one of these luxurious caravans or motorhomes. :)

  • jodie
    March 30, 2017

    What a great resource you’ve provided, Kathy!!
    Now I just need to get my husband on board for travelling across the world to see it all!! :)

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      You should do it! You both would love my part of the world. I have travelled over to you guys twice already! :) #TeamLovinLife

  • Janet
    March 30, 2017

    Wow, you have been a busy bee! Hubster and I are taking a few days off in May for our wedding anniversary and planning to head down the Coast so will keep these in mind :-)

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      Yes we have had a busy month. We tend to go a bit stir crazy on the weekends at times so it was good to get out and about in our backyard. We obviously love surf events and anything to do with caravanning, travel and boating so we were in our element! :) #TeamLovinLife

  • Melissa @ All Around Oz
    March 30, 2017

    I love how many free and low cost things you can find to do on the Gold Coast. Any of the markets are always awesome as is the Boat Show.

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      It was a month of events that really appeal to our interests – surfing, caravanning, travel and boating. I think that there is plenty on offer on the Gold Coast. You just need to look. :) #TeamLovinLife

  • Shauna
    March 30, 2017

    Gosh so much to see and do! You’ve inspired me to keep a closer eye out for events happening in my neck of the woods (Tamworth/New England region). I’m usually aware of most things but all of our spare time of late has been put into our newly built home. Outings for us have been few and far between sadly. Time for a change me thinks!

    • Kathy
      March 30, 2017

      New homes can chew up all of your weekends. Sometimes it is just a matter of doing your research to see what is on offer in your town or city. I love to get out and about on the weekends in my backyard. :) #TeamLovinLife

  • Lyndall @ SeizeTheDayProject
    March 30, 2017

    I love all the fabulous free events we enjoy here on the Gold Coast. There’s so much more to the Goldy than the tacky images plastered on TV. It’s great to get out and discover the wonders of the GC for yourself! #TeamLovinLife

    • Kathy
      March 31, 2017

      There is so much more to the Gold Coast than meets the eye. I very rarely go into Surfers Paradise as I find it to be a bit tacky. But I love the suburbs and beaches to the south, in particular Burleigh Heads, Currumbin and Coolie. I love getting out and about in my backyard. :)

  • Jo tracey
    March 31, 2017

    When you think of the Gold Coast, it’s so a mistake to just think Surfers. The community does so much & posts like this illustrate just how much. Off to explore Hanoi!

    • Kathy
      March 31, 2017

      I’m glad that you acknowledge this Jo. The Gold Coast does get a bad rap at times. But there are many more things to do and see along the coastline from south to north. :)

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
    March 31, 2017

    So now I REALLY want to move to the Gold Coast.
    That caravan band thingo at Kirra is so cute!

  • Min of Write of the Middle
    March 31, 2017

    Love so many of these things! I adore Burleigh – we stay there sometimes so it’s good to know when the markets are on and the two different ones! As a lover of ‘live music’ I am loving the look of ‘seaside sounds’ at Kirra and Coolangatta! Also interested to hear of how fancy caravans have become. I wasn’t sure if I could go caravanning for an extended period BUT if I had one of those fancy ones with aircon and all the bells and whistles maybe I actually could! LOL #TeamLovinLife

    • Kathy
      April 1, 2017

      I love my hometown of Burleigh too, but I guess I’m biased! Caravan life is fabulous. You get to see all the out of the way places and you meet the nicest people on the road. :)

  • Denyse
    April 2, 2017

    Many things to do here for sure. I have holidayed a few times on the Gold Coast but it was my parents who did the re-location thing every July/August for 6 weeks on the Gold Coast. They had many friends from Sydney who had retired up there and would really enjoy the social aspects of that. One year, near to the end of their trips (mum got very ill and passed away in 2007) I flew up and had a few days with them in their apartment at Burleigh Heads. I really enjoyed doing the exploration of the area then. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Kathy
      April 3, 2017

      Burleigh Heads is where I live and I absolutely love living here. We are never bored for entertainment. There is plenty happening on the Gold Coast all the time. :) #TeamLovinLife

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