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During my ‘people watching’ episodes I frequently critique the fashion choices that women our age make. I can honestly say that a lot of women need help, and I mean serious help! The sights you see are just jaw dropping!

With so many lovely shops to shop at and so many nice reasonably priced clothes to buy – why or why do a large majority of us look like fashion tragics! Come on girls we maybe 50 something but we don’t need to be frumpy!

My pet hates in the fashion stakes with women our age are:

  1. Big baggy clothing that women wear to hide their bulges and middle aged spread. It just makes them look fatter, older and frumpier!
  2. On the flip side, skin tight clothing that clings to every bulge and curve. For example, any clothing made from two way stretch fabric or jersey is a no no!
  3. Low rise jeans or pants are simply not flattering for women over 50. They give serious muffin top!
  4. Very short skirts or dresses. Leave them for the under 30’s!
  5. Plunging necklines and see-through blouses or tops – also not a good look!
  6. Un-supportive or ill-fitting bras. No excuse for this at all!
  7. Really ugly shoes that maybe comfortable but look atrocious or rubber thongs (only ok for wearing to the beach)
  8. Hippy clothing – the less said about this the better!
  9. The ‘try hards’ who wear all the latest fashions even though they don’t suit them.
  10. An over abundance of jewellery. I know you all have a massive collection of jewellery but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it all at once!

So I guess the question is what do we wear that looks age appropriate but smart? I think you should stick to classical styles that fit well and don’t be afraid to splash a bit of colour here and there. Good fitting jeans and pants always look good teamed with good quality t-shirts or tops. They say a pair of black pants are a wardrobe essential and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.

A pair of skinny black jeans with a loose fitting blouse that covers the tummy area looks good.

A pair of skinny black jeans with a loose fitting blouse that covers the tummy area looks good.

A lbd (little black dress) is handy for more formal occasions. I really don’t understand why more women don’t wear dresses. I think they can hide a multitude of sins – like pot bellies, wide hips or big bums! Why not at least try some different styles on? You will be surprised as to how flattering a good fitting dress can be and it makes us look more feminine than always wearing pants.

My take on a lbd with cutout shoulders and an added belt to give me a waist.

My take on a lbd with cutout shoulders and an added belt to give me a waist.

I also believe that we can really go for broke with the accessories to brighten up our classical clothes. I love those chunky necklaces and bracelets in brilliant colours. Scarves look great too – there are so many beautiful ones in all colours and patterns.  They can spruce up an outfit and cover up scrawny looking necks or conceal large breasts! A nice little handbag or clutch can always compliment an outfit too. I always get a lot of enjoyment out of accessorising clothing for a special occasion.

A knee length denim skirt looks good teamed with loose fitting top is a good casual look

A knee length denim skirt looks good teamed with a loose fitting top is a good casual look

The problem with women our age is that our bodies have changed and we tend to put on weight around our mid sections. The majority of clothing is not designed for our more portly figures, so a lot of women tend to go for baggy or oversized clothing to disguise the extra baggage!

I am here to tell you that you can find more shapely attractive attire that will accentuate your figure rather than hide it away! Just take the time to look around at some of the clothing shops and you will discover a ‘fashionfest’ out there!

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  • Gael

    I agree with all but the dress statements. Black really doesn’t look good on everyone, and when we age, it can emphasize that and look harsh, witchlike even. Some women wear it well, others don’t. You can wear it well in your 30’s but not in your 40’s. The other thing is the comment about dresses hiding figure flaws. I find that a blouse, skirt, and jacket are my most flattering look now. As “What Not to Wear” says, “lock and load”. You just need to know your body type and be willing to try new
    things, not just wear what you always have as our bodies do change.

    The ill-fitting bra is the worst offender, and can we add not to wear a colored bra under light tops?

    • Yes definitely add the coloured bra under light tops to the list! Although I notice that girls my daughter’s age (20 year olds) tend to do this. Maybe it is the fashion at the moment? I am also a fan of the blouse, skirt and jacket. It always looks smart and is a good alternative for women that always wear pants. Thanks Gael for the fashion tips. We all need as much help as we can get!

  • mselle

    Show do not just tell people what they should wear. Also getting rid of the frump factor start s with having a healthy in shape body. Get fit and clothes look better.

    • I couldn’t agree more. A healthy fit body does make your clothes look better. If you check my website I have shown several examples of the type of clothing 50 plus women can wear that looks smart and stylish. Thank you for visiting me blog:)

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